Situation Avoidance

One thing that Social Anxiety bring to the table is situation avoidance. This is when you do everything and anything do avoid a situation.

This ‘Situation’ could be having to do a public speaking project, or having to talk to this person about something or other. Or it could be avoiding going to this place because of some reason.

Or even the avoidance of opening the closed classroom door because of fear that it might be the wrong one, or for fear of being stared at.

So as you can see ‘Situation Avoidance’ is a very broad spectrum.

And any person who has any type of anxiety might do this.

And its hard to break.

When you have some deep, deep fear that something bad will happen when you open that door you don’t want to. And sometimes You Can’t Make Yourself.

It can leave you with panic rising and shaking limbs.

You Don’t Want To Do It.

You don’t want to go into that situation.

And it can suck.

You can miss out on a lot of stuff. You might not make it to that party that you have been invited to. The party where you could have had a great time.

The party that made your situational avoidance kick in.

And it tend to kick in when you don’t want it to.

You want to go to the fair with your friend. But your mind won’t seem to let you, and your body seems to be listening to your mind instead of you.

It’s not fun. And it tends to leave you worse than before the situation even came up.

You feel your panic from the situation that your mind did everything in its power to show you how it would unfold if you went.

And on top of that you feel ashamed and depressed all aimed at yourself for missing out on something that could and have been fun.

Something that you would have probably loved.

And there are some things that you can try to do.

I have been practicing something called ‘Exposure Therapy’ which is when you make a list from ten being the worst, and one being the lowest anxiety inducing thing. All revolved around a situation that I often do everything in my power to avoid.

And I start with doing number one on that list. And slowly I work my way up that list. So that when I reach number ten and master it the situation won’t be so bad anymore.

And I will tell you that you will fail at it sometimes, you won’t get it in one go. And the list may take a long time to get through. But that’s okay.

Because eventually you will get their and once you do you will see that the situation is not as bad as it once was.

You might never be fully okay with it but you will be able to get through it.

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