Growing up as the Shy Child

One of the things that I used to do often as a child was that I would get my family to go and ask the other kid if I could play with them.

Now this was around preschool/kindergarten age. But it didn’t really change when I grew older than that.

It was just that I would just sit their wanting to play with them but not actually do anything about it. I was to shy to ask.

When I did play with them and become friends with them they would tell me it was like I had become a whole different person.

At first I would be super shy and quiet, soft-spoken with little said. But as soon as we became friends I would talk their ear off.

And god forbid they mention something that I am interested in,I would never shut up them.

Even now if you want to get me to talk all you have to do is mention something that I love and I will be off.

But as a child I was never the one to approach the other. And all of my friends that I had made approached me. I had never once approached them first.Not even in kindergarten when all you have to do to get a friend was go up to a person and tell them they are your friend now.

Not to mention that people would lose track of me because I was so quite only to find me right in front of them. They just couldn’t see me because I was so tiny.

But once I became friends with you, and my childhood friend could probably attest to this, I could be down right bossy.

I can’t say much of this has changed, though I am more the type to follow along nowadays instead of being the boss.

But I am more the shy quite one that once you get me talking I become more animated and exited.

Though I have never become loud, being the type of person who has to actively work to raise my voice and if I stop focusing on it goes back down.

But everything is has stayed the same.

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