Sensory Processing Disorder and Autism

I have sensory processing disorder. Its a given as its linked to autism.

What is it?

Sensory processing disorder means that my sensory input is ether over sensitive or under sensitive. In layman’s that means that things that I hear or feel are often not the same as what others would feel. I personally, am over sensitive.

Take touching a hot stove for example, that would really hurt right? well that’s what I feel what I touch the material of jeans. Or loud sirens or a dogs sharp barking beside you it might startle you and maybe leave you annoyed, but it leaves me with a sharp pain and ringing ears.

It also means that I can’t block out sounds. For most people the sound of a fan or the TV can be blocked out or be seen as background noise as you talk to your friend. I can’t do that there is no blocking sound out, every tapping sound or conversation is heard and they can blend together causing me frustration.

Handling it has gotten better as I got older, some things getting better to handle, like rugs/carpet. Others I might never be able to handle like socks. And I can never watch TV in the living room because of the noise around me.

But like everything else in my life, I have to work with this. Its never going to go away, and I can’t just stop my life because of it. So I have to just keep walking forward in life.

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