Self-Trust and How it links to Anxiety

One thing that I find is that my anxiety lessens my trust in my self. This could be through second guessing or just hesitating in situations.

Trusting yourself is something that I think is very important. You are your biggest advocate, and your are the only person who puts all of your wants and needs first.

That is hard to do when you are having trouble trusting in yourself.

Anxiety plays a big roll in that lack of trust.

It’s hard to go about trusting yourself when your brain in constantly screaming at you. When your brain keeps telling you that you are doing in wrong, or that you are going be mess up, or that you will not make it.

It sucks. But most of all it forms a lack of trust in yourself.

Something that I try to do is take a breath and try to step away from the situation. Try to think to myself ‘why am I thinking this?’, ‘Is it true that I can’t do this?’

Taking that step back helps me sort out if what I am thinking it factually true or not.

And most cases it’s not true, I know that I can do this.

And doing this helps me build up that much-needed trust in myself.

And as that trust starts to build up I find that my anxiety starts to go down.

I find that it really helps with situations that cause me anxiety. If I am always anxious about a situation then doing this starts to lower the changes of anxiety happening every time that I go into this situation.

And sure sometimes  it fails. Sometimes I just can’t take a step back from the situation mentally. But if I keep doing it, it starts to get better.

It may not work 100% of the time but it’s a tool that I can use when I need to.

And maybe It can help you also.

Because self-trust is something that I find very important for my mental health.

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