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When Self-Hate and Depression Collide

Self-hate is something that can go hand in hand with depression. It can ether be because of the depression or a cause for the depression.

Most of the time for me self hate is something that happens when I am deeply depressed.

The depression gets bad and I end up hating myself for letting it get this bad, or just hating myself for being depressed in general.

But it end up going around, and around.

Depression leading to self-hate, self hate leading to me becoming more depressed.

And worst of all it makes me push people away.

I end up feeling unworthy of them, that I don’t deserve their attention.

And it sucks, it just ends up with me going in circles.

The one thing that I do hold on to in these moments though is that It Gets Better.

It might not be right now, it might not be in a couple of days, But it gets better.

And if I just hold onto that thought then I know that I can get though this with only some minor dings.

And I want others to know that this happens to a lot of people with depression.

I want them to know that their depression does not make them unworthy of others, or that they are ever less of a person than anybody else.

Yes your depression is apart of you. But It Is not The Whole Of You.

You are more than your depression.

And it is okay to have people around you, you deserve to have people around you.

So just hold onto the though that you will be okay, that you deserve to be okay.

And eventually you will be.


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