Self-Acceptance In Your Discoveries

One thing I found is it takes me awhile to wrap my mind around the things that I discover about myself. And after I have understood what that discovery is only then is when I try to accept what that is.

This usually goes through four phases.

Take discovering aromantacism for example, I first had to learn what that was, what it meant. That was phase one, The Research Phase. I learned everything available about aromantacism.

Then it was the moment that it clicked and sunk in that this was me. That I was an aromantic. That was phase two, The Enlightenment Phase.

Next was the moment/days I pushed it out of my mind, didn’t think about it. That was phase three, The Out of Sight Out of Mind Phase. This was when I spent my time not thinking about it and what it meant.

The last stage was when I sat myself down and accepted it, that this was who I was. That was phase four, The Acceptance Phase. This was when I accepted that this was me, that it wouldn’t change. This was when I made peace that this was who I was.

Almost all of the things that I discover about myself self that are going to play a big part in my life go like this. But I am happy that they all have ended with the ‘Acceptance Phase.’

I am big on Accepting oneself because nobody is going to look out for you more then yourself. You need to have you in your corner before anyone else.

Sure there are hopefully going to be more people looking out for you, helping you when you are down. But they might not always be there.

But you are always going to be there for yourself.

You should always come first for yourself.

I have friends and family who look out for me, help me get back up when I am down. But if they leave or are gone I will always be in my own corner.

I will always be able to pick myself up. I will always be able to advocate for myself.

And you should too.

And I found the first step to doing this is acceptance of yourself, your flaws, and what you are ashamed of.

For the things that are unchangeable about yourself slowly start to find your own phases to self acceptance. It might be a short of long process to getting there. But you will get there.

And for the things you can change. Work on that change.

Because you will always be your own biggest advocate.

Its just a matter of finding it in yourself.

but you will get there.

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