Going to School as an Autistic Person

As I mentioned in my post ‘Routines and Autism’ School was hard in the way of having a routine that stayed the same.

Other than the ever changing classes I never liked school.

I was never the one with a lot of friends, sometimes I struggled to have one friend. So school was never a time for me to hang out with people. And I love to learn yes, and I had classes that I loved dearly like English, History, and Psychology I struggled with math and all public speaking and group projects.

They sucked.

Not to mention and Sensory Overload I got from all the noise, It wasn’t a fun place to be. And I didn’t have my Autism Diagnosis during my time at high school, so there wasn’t any help with those type of problems.

When I look back at my time in a high school, it was not filled with lots and lots of fond memories. It was filled with anxiety ridden days and Sensory Overloaded situations to go along with my depressive episodes.

It wasn’t fun and I wouldn’t go back for anything.

Well maybe for some of the teachers. I had some great teachers that did try to help me, and connect to me. Besides the English teachers I mentioned in my post ‘Who Inspired Me To Write a Novel’, I had a Psychology teacher who made an effort to connect with us.

He talked to us.

And while I already had a love of Psychology, he made me love the class. And he made an effort to help me.

So maybe the teachers made my time they slightly better. Who knows, I might go back just to visit them and thank them in person. Both for making an effort to help me with my problems, and pushing me to write a novel.

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