Save your Work an a USB

IT should be obvious that you should have your writing constantly when you are working on it. You never know what could happen, if your program you are using might decide that it had enough and stop working on you. But the same thing could happen for what every you are using to write on.

I find myself shocked when people tell me that they lost all of their work because their computer broke down, or when they tell me that they are lucky that they were able to save their work after someone spilled water on it.

I have always saved my writing on a USB.

Do you know how much work writing is? I don’t want to have to do it all over again from scratched. No, not unless I have decided that the work has to be done over.

So saving on a USB, or a back up hard drive is the way to go.

Your work is your child, your most precious thing. If the house was burning down this is what you would want to save.

So why don’t you have a back up of it?

I don’t know maybe this is just all of my anxiety talking, but I constantly back up my work. And I tend to back up my backup.

But I don’t want to lose all of this work. Not when I spent so many hours on it.

So what I am trying to get is others to think about this also.

Losing your work sucks. This may help stop that from happening.

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