Revisiting Your Old Writing

If you are like me and have been writing stories since you could put words on paper (even if you couldn’t spell them) then you have probably have at least a small collection of your old work.

So that leaves you with the fun of going back and reading it.

I love to go back and read my old work.

And I will tell you that I am not a writing prodigy who came out of the womb with the ability to tell a great story.

So you can imagine that a lot of the stories where not great. Well most of the stories were not great.

Sure I can find that some of them have great bases and plots that I use to create or grown on now.

But there is nothing more amusing than reading your childhood writing.

And its great to look at it with my writing knowledge now and acknowledged that the writing was sloppy, the characters  now quite right, the spelling appalling.

But you can look at it and see how much you have grown in your writing. See how far you have come from them.

From a little girl who wrote a story about a bed flying through the ceiling to soar around the night sky. To Someone going ahead with her dream of publishing a novel.

So if you have some of your old childhood writing I encourage you to go ahead and look through it.

You might even find a good plot for a future work.

And I do know that you will have a change to look at where you began. And to see how much you have grown from that beginning.

One thought on “Revisiting Your Old Writing

  1. Looking at my own work has pretty much the opposite effect on me, it makes me cringe big-time. It’s so bad! 😛 The upside of this is that I can see how much I’ve developed as a writer over the years.

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