Regrets and Anxiety disorders

I think everyone had at least one thing that they regret, be it something they regret doing, or not doing.

for me anxiety and regret come full circle. Regrets give me anxiety, and Anxiety gives me regrets.

Regrets can be something big, like not spending more time with your father before he died. To not talking to that person you wanted to.

I try to find something to learn from my regrets, it makes me feel a slightly better about them.

Like with my father. I am always trying to talk to them more now, letting them know I love them. It makes me feel better knowing that my other family members should no that I love them, that I want to talk to them.

To not talking to that one person I wanted to. I see if I have another shot at it, If their is I try to take it. No matter the anxiety that rises from it, I know that it will be worse if I mix both regret and anxiety.

But regret shouldn’t be something that stays in your mind forever, tormenting you. You should find a way that relieve some of it. That helps you learn something from it.

Otherwise its just going to sit their, making you feel worse and worse. In my experience regret doesn’t go away. Not without working on it, and that is what I am doing, working on it.

And I hope others will too.

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