Regressing progress & Autism

First I would like to point out that your autism does not get worse with time or on some days. But some times it might seem like the person’s autism is worse then before.

One thing that should be known is that a person on the autism spectrum be it higher on the scale or lower is still an autistic person. They are never ‘not autistic enough’ or ‘too autistic’

Maybe that can help put some of it into perspective.

Because even if they are considered higher on the scale and more on the ‘functional autistic’ side of the things they are still autistic.

That means that they will still have meltdowns.

And that is what I have been leading to.

Regression Of Progress.

Sometimes the person might be slipping a bit more with everything. Having more meltdowns and Sensory Attacks.

But that just means that they might be more stressed then normal or that something is triggering their meltdowns.

This does not mean that they are regressing in their progress, or that they are becoming ‘More Autistic’.

It just means that they are having trouble with something.

Because no matter where they are on the scale they are still autiscic and they will still have trouble with it.

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