Rationalization for Anxiety

Anxiety makes you think weird and untrue things. You know this, I know this, it’s just something that happens if you have anxiety disorders, or even just anxiety in general.

So one thing that I have learned to invest in is in Rationalization.

You see I am a very rational thinker (I am sure that I have my autism to thank for that) but when my anxiety kicks in that rational thinking seems to go out the window.

So I have tried to learn how to keep that rational thinking in my head when my anxiety kicks in.

And sure sometimes it does not work totally. Sometimes my rational thinking being put on the back burner with my anxiety taking front and center.

With my anxiety telling me something and my rational mind trying to tell me something else but being heard softer and less loud as my anxiety.

But the good thing is that it’s still there, in my mind and not out the window.

And from there I can work on it being as loud, if not louder than my anxiety.

Because I have found that the things anxiety tells us is not true most of the time.

So when you hear that not true information what you have to do is think about what it is telling you and if it is saying.

Look around you and rationalize the real truth.

And once you have found what the truth is work on overriding the anxiety with that truth.

It wont work all at once, and it wont get rid of all the anxiety that the situation is giving you.

But it softens it.

And that is something that you can work through.

Because soft anxiety is better than the crippling kind.

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