Publishing Anxiety (Anxiety over Getting your Book Published)

I love to write. I have been told that I have been doing it since I learned to put words together on paper, running to every word or so asking how to spell a word. And I have boxes of stories with questionable spelling and plots to agree with them.

I dream of being able to publish my stories for the world see, I want to make them feel something for the characters that I put my soul into. To put worlds into their heads like all the stories I read.

I have always wanted to publish a novel, and over the years I have started and stopped; scraped and put on hold many half finished stories and novels. Coveting them like a dragon never to show the world. Never to show family or friends for fear of what of what?

What they would say? That it was stupid?

maybe its because I when I write I put my everything into it, my heart, and my soul. And its hard to show your soul to anyone, and that’s what I am doing, showing my soul on paper. That makes it so much more easy to tear, to cut.

And now  I am more than halfway through writing a novel that I am going to publish. I am terrified. This is not a short story that I work up the courage to show a friend or family member. This will be set into the world and that scares me.

But I have to do it, it want to do it. And like I say so many other times I have to do this, maybe this book will connect with others, help them in someway. And with that in my mind I have to tell myself over and over that I can do this.

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