Procrastination and Failed Goals along with the Self-Hatred that Comes Along with It.

Failing to meet that goal you set sucks. But it also tends to bring a slew of emotions along with it. Things like depression, anxiety, self-hatred, anger, etc.

And the goal that was set doesn’t even have to be something big, it could just be a small thing for that day, or something big that you have planned for months. Both can leave you with the same emotions when its failed to be completed with maybe a change in amount of pain and self hatred felt.

And yeah, sometimes it is your fault. Sometimes you just procrastinate, or just end up not doing it.

Which tends to leave you feel even worse when you come up to this goal.

Because you know that this was supposed to be done. And you don’t really have a excuse for it.

And all you can really do is beat yourself up a bit before either getting up and resetting the goal or fitting a new one. (Because the alternative tends to be just sitting around in your depressed self hatred and that isn’t fun.)

But this is something that you can learn from. Take a look at this situation that you got yourself into.

Why did you not do it? Why did you procrastinate it?

Was it just because you didn’t feel like it? was it just laziness?

Can you think of ways to stop procrastinating it?

it could be something as simple as setting multiple reminders on your phone. Or it could be something more elaborate like getting friends or family to remind you, or finding a app that will aggressively remind you.

It could be a matter of setting smaller goals closer in time to stop you from having big gaps in time to push it off to.

And sometimes you just have to let go and try to be better next time.

Because just sitting their beating yourself up on it will get you know where.

So you failed? So it may have been because you procrastinated and blown it off?

Acknowledge it and try to be better.

getting back up is a fact of life.

You can’t spend your whole life sitting on the ground stewing in self hatred. At some point your going to have to get back up and keep going.

So why not now?
You know you can do better.
You know you are better then this.

So why not try to be that better self?

Because if you keep trying to be that better self you can get their eventually.

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