Physical Signs of Depression

Although depression is mostly known as an ‘unseen illness‘ there are physical symptoms that can affect the body of the person with the illness. Some of them you might already know as a sign of depression others you might not.

One of the more obvious ones that most people know fatigue. Being constantly exhausted even when you have had a full nights sleep is one of the bigger signs of depression or just an illness in general.

What would might not know is that a person who constantly wakes up in the early morning even after going to bed late at night is a sign of depression. It can be a mixture of having trouble staying asleep or just plain always being awake in the early morning for reasons unknown.

That is not to say that being a natural early riser is a sign of depression. Its more that if you went from not being an early riser to suddenly not being able to sleep in. That is when it becomes a symptom of depression.

Another psychical sign is sudden stomach problems. That could be stomach aches, constipation, nausea, and other stomach problems that have come on suddenly. Or the link between migraines and depression.

And the one that most people know about, break outs. This could be sudden rashes and pimples and black spots. But it is understandable as this usually can happen due to stress.

And lack of hunger, which again is one that most people know or associate with symptoms of depression. The sudden feeling of just not wanting to eat anything, or just not feeling hungry even when you know you should be or your stomach is growling for food.

And not to mention dizziness which you could explain with the symptoms of your lack of hunger and constant fatigue. As adding those together along with the migraines would definitely cause dizziness.

I could go on and on about more and more of the psychical effects of depression.

Depression does mostly affect you inside your head but that does not mean that it is only inside of your head. The effects of it effect all of you, both mentally and physically.

Though I would like to point out that depression is not the only thing that could cause these symptoms together or apart. If you experience them you should see a doctor just to be sure it is not something else.

But if you do know that it is not something else then I hope that this helped you or someone you know that has depression understand why that have these physical effects.

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