Physical Signs of Anxiety

Anxiety sucks when it’s just in your head, but sometimes it’s not just in your head but something that affects your body to. Fun Right? Well here are some things that anxiety can do to the person’s body also.

  1. Sweating. This should be obvious. What do you do when you are nervous? You Sweat. So when you are experiencing the effects of an anxiety disorder sweating is bound to happen.
  2. Nausea. Feeling sick to your stomach is also an unfortunate side effect to someone who has anxiety. The panic leading to the person feeling weak stomachs. Not Fun.
  3. Headaches. Also something that can be common in people with anxiety. All the panic and worry leading to them being stressed. And the constant stress leading to headaches, or worse, Migraines.
  4. Stomach Aches. The stress of anxiety can also lead to the person having a sore stomach and all that comes with that diagnose. The stress leading to digestive problems and things like that.
  5. Racing Heart Beat. This one is also something that is obvious to any person who has ever felt anxiety. That anxiety tending to lad to a racing heart and, well…. Panic.

And there you have it, the five most common physical signs of anxiety. And that’s not even getting into the subject the panic attacks.

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