Perfectionism is Near Impossible when Writing a Book

I find that perfectionism has no place in book writing. It will only get in the way and send you into a spiral downwards. You will just keep trying to polish and fix until there is nothing bone bones left.

Here is the thing you will most likely hate your book. Hopefully not forever, but you will hate it at some point, most likely for a while.

And your book will never feel done to you. You will most likely always find something to fix or to edit.

Their will always be something to change.

But chasing that perfection will only ruin what you have made.

You will never feel satisfied. Never getting that rush from getting it perfect and completed.

And chasing after that will only drive you mad and frustrated.

You will forever be working on this one work. Never letting anyone else see it until it is perfect.

And at some point you might just end up deleted it all and starting over.

So really to me perfectionism is not something that should be sought after when writing a book.

Because it will just end up driving you mad in your chase for it.

So Really take a look at your work. Get others opinions on it, As an editor.

But after getting all of their feedback take a look at it and think on it.

You should learn when it is time to let go of this work. When enough is enough.

You can’t work on one project forever. At some point you will have to know when to let it go. Maybe let it out into the word, maybe to sit in your desk for a while.

But one thing is for sure.

Never strive for perfection when writing a novel.

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