Outline your Novel

Outlining can be a very import step in writing a novel. It can link everything together, it can show you the holes in your story, places that the story jumps or slows down. And most important of all, it can bring all the chaos together.

When writing it can be hard to know how to link everything that needs to happen together. You don’t know what to fill the points between big events or how to get the characters to those important points.

I tend to find that trying to write without an outline leads me to end up confused on where these big events are to go, and on how much stuff is supposed to go in between these events without it being to long or to short of a time frame.

Not to mention trying to keep track of the sub plots that needed to be added in and at what point they needed to happen.

And all of this can lead me with several tangents in my writing that go on and on without me knowing how to stop it and get it back on track.

And that’s where outlining comes in. It lets you get all these things in line so that you can see everything that needs to be seen.

Now outlining is the process of getting down everything that happens in your novel. This can either just be all of the big events that have to happen along with all the little events that get the characters to these big events. Or it can be a super detailed outline with everything that happens in the novel down to even the most little of details (this one happens to be me).

You could do either one of them or even create a mixture of both if you wanted to.

All that matters are that you get down what you need to in the order that it needs to happen.

And doing this leaves little room for confusion over where you need to go and at what pace. Because when you look at the outline you should be able to tell at what part you are in your writing and how to get to the next point.

Outlines can save a lot of time, frustration, and deleted tangents.

And all you have to go is find out how you want to outline your work.

You could use bullet points, or index cards, or a cork/white board, or many other ways.

Its just a matter of finding the way that works for you and getting everything in order.

So really outlining is something that every writer should take advantage of.

It can save a lot of deleted paragraphs of tangents and plots or words that came and went nowhere.

So really it’s something to look at and see if its something that you need or think will help.

But really, give it a try. It just might save up a lot of your time.

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