Organization and Anxiety Relief it can bring

One thing that I learned over the years is that one of the best ways to lower my anxiety in the morning is to be organized for the day.

That means that if I had to go to school the next day I liked to have everything packed and ready the night before. Along with having an idea of what I want to wear the next day.

This helps  with my anxiety of forgetting something. Or of my anxiety of being late.

Checklists have become my best friend over the years.

When ever I have to go somewhere, but especially vacations and road trips I like to have a check list of everything. And I go over it the night before and the morning of.

When I went to a Convention, which left me with a long list of things that I would need to bring check lists were a life saver for me.

It gave me the safety of not forgetting something important it also let me not have so much stress over going,

So that alone indeed check lists to me.

But one thing organization does for me is give me the ability to tell my brain that I have nothing to worry about and have proof to back that claim up.

It also gives me the ability to have more time for myself in the mornings to do what I want instead of having to rush around and get everything together.

And that along lowers my anxiety.

And sure its no 100% fool-proof, and sometimes it does not help all the anxiety running through me.

But it helps with some of it.

And that’s enough for me sometimes.

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