On the Subject of Fashion

On the subject of fashion I am willing to admit that I really have a fashion. If I think its looks nice and I think it works on me I will maybe get it. Maybe.

I am not someone cares about clothing all that much. And unlike my older sister I really don’t care about it enough to spend $50s on a cute piece of clothing. To me I could get more out of it spending it on books or video games.

I am the type of person that would just were the first thing I see in my closet most of the time. Sure sometimes I will think about what I want to were but mostly I don’t.

I am the kind of person that just likes to wear what is comfortable to me. And that I think is a mixture of just my personality and my autism leaving me with an aversion to certain textures and feels that clothes give me.

I really don’t pay much attention to what does not match the kind of outfit that I want to wear. That would be my sister who does that, who tells me that does not go together.

And I really get that not all shoes work with every outfit.

I am a heels kind of girl, I wear pretty much only heels. And I have been told that some outfits do not go with heels.

And the only reason that I am not a mix match of things that don’t go together is that I don’t really like to wear a lot of colors. Especially not bright color. Darker tones or okay to me, but I mostly just wear the color black. Though I am fond of the color burgundy.

But clothes have never been a big priority for me. Sure I do like to go shopping for it occasionally, but it’s not something that I need to do.

The only exception for me is graphic-Tees that have funny stuff on them or geek references. I am always a sucker for those.

Though it does not mean that I don’t fall in love with an outfit that I consider cute. Or that I don’t care if I look good in an outfit or not.

It’s just that I care more about how comfortable and convenient that outfit is to me.

I care more about wearing what  I like and what I consider to be cute or what I think looks good on me then what ever trend is going on.

I am not someone who follows fashion trends. I wear what I like because I like it.

And that works for me.

Though I am thankful for my sister for helping me along the way.

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