Novel Writing is a Marathon not a Sprint

You may feel like you want to get your writing done in one go. Just get it done as fast as you can. But the thing is writing usually does not work that way.

That is not to say that you should not sit and write page after page. But you are not expected to have the whole story done in say, a week.

So it’s not a bad thing to spends months on a story. If that is how much time you need then that’s what you need.

Its only when you find your self needed years to finish it that it is a problems.

But other than that writing is going to be something that takes time.

So take that time to make a novel that is worth it.

Because all of that time should be used to create a whole world onto paper.

you are creating a world out of nothing. Of course it will take time.

So don’t rush through everything. Take the time to form people, to create worlds, to fill in the holes.

Because all the time spent just on that, will be worth it.

After that you can start writing.

Because if you need to spend a while characters and plots then your story will be better than it would have been if you had just rushed into it.

So don’t let anybody bother you over when you are going to be finished your work. Take your time to get their.

Because when you are done it will be worth it.

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