Not Everybody Will Like What You Write

Not everybody is going to agree with what you write. People will complain, people will hate it, Not Everybody Will Like You Work. But today seems to be the age of pointing out loudly on things we dislike.

And if you are going to be writing a novel then there are going to be people who don’t like what you have written.

And you are going to have to learn how to sort out all the good criticism that you can use to improve your work. And how to let go and bury the bad.

You have to be confident in your work. You should never feel bad about what you have written. And Never Apologize For Your Work.

If you have put all of yourself into your work, if you have read it over thousands of times, have had it looked over by others.

And if they have all liked it, or helped you improve it, then you have nothing to be sorry about.

You have done everything that you needed to for this work. You have had it looked over and they have found nothing wrong with it.

Then You Have Nothing To Be Sorry About.

Not everybody will like it.

But hopefully not everybody will hate it.

So you just have to build up that strength and keep on going.

Because even if not everybody will like your work, that does not mean that everybody is going to find it lacking.

You just have to be confident in it. And focus on the people who do like it. Who do find it something that they love.

Because those are the people who matter.

And that is not to say that all people who don’t like your work should not be listened to. There are going to be people who don’t like it, but they might have a reason for it that you should listen to. You might see what they are talking about and fix it.

So take criticism under a microscope.

Take to good, and throw away the bad.

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