Not Every Character You Write Will Be Liked

Every character you write there will probably be someone out there that will dislike them. Sometimes on purpose because you wrote them that way, and sometimes just because that person just does not like that character.

IT can be annoying when you are trying to get someone’s opinion on your work and they tell you that they don’t like this character, or that character.

Sometimes it can even hurt.

Especially when its a character that you like, or that you put a lot of effort into writing.

But It Will Happen.

I am sure that there are characters in books or stories that you just don’t like for some reason. So it is going to be the same for the people who are reading your work.

And you may want to fight them when this happens. Trying to get them to listen as you try to reason with them on why this is a good character that they should like.

But the best thing that you can do is just nod and let it go.

Because fighting it will just make it worse.

All you can do is take a breath and let it go.

Because the only time that you really need to hold onto this is when everybody that you have asked to read your work and give their opinion all seem to hate this one character that is not writing to do that.

That is when you should take a look at your character and find out what is going on.

But other than that it just happens sometimes.

Not everybody’s personality goes with someone the other persons. And that goes with characters in your work also.

So just take a breath and let it go.

It Was Bound To Happen.

3 thoughts on “Not Every Character You Write Will Be Liked

  1. I generally write characters that range from very flawed to downright unpleasant (my Grandad recently emailed me and said he was ‘concerned about my subject matter and my characters) so I don’t really expect people to like them all that much, although it makes me happy when people can see the good in some of them. The main character in my first manuscript (the ‘protagonist’ :P) killed a 16 y. o. girl. The main character in my second manuscript is a self-pitying, passive-aggressive alcoholic. Yeah, I’m clearly not trying too hard for likability here. 🙂

    1. I can understand that. I have a manuscript with the main character being a serial killer. I worked hard to make sure that he was not seen as an ‘Anti-Hero’ but just as a horrible person.

      1. Yeah, you don’t want to glorify the character’s actions. There’s a fine line there though because I like to have there be something human in my character but I don’t want people to think I’m justifying their behavior. You definitely don’t want to romanticize a serial killer, though… I’m with you on that. 🙂

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