My Relationship With Insomnia

I have a mild form of insomnia that makes it hard to fall asleep and stay asleep. It also makes a habit of leaving me with days without sleep sometimes.

Insomnia sucks it leaves me with no sleep and a day full of things to do. Not to mention being exhausted but with a mind that won’t let me sleep.

And the times that I do sleep is spent waking up every hour or so before trying to fall asleep again. It tends to leave me frustrated, not to mention tired.

Not to mention the frustration from trying to find something that works to help, from melatonin medication, to not looking at your phone or clock. And sometimes it can work great, but it also has also has a habit of just not working all of a sudden.

And sure its great for creativity, and is one of the things that will let me finish this book. But with those more hours to write, also comes bone deep exhaustiveness.

It leaves you laying in bed, tired but with thoughts racing on stupid questions and anxiety written situations that you messed up. It leaves you with eyes closed but mind wide open and running fast.

You just want to sleep, but hearing the clock ticking isn’t helping, hearing the silence isn’t helping.

And sure you can trying medication, but be careful if you have to up the dosage if it starts wearing off, be careful of what the side affect may be.

And it all just leaves you so frustrated with everything, leaving you to just want to sleep.

And I am thankful that I only have a mild form of insomnia, this happening once and a while. With the only thing sticking around is the trouble falling and staying asleep affecting my everyday life.

And who knows maybe some day I can find something that works for me.

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