My Relationship With Headphones (Life as a Autistic Individual)

because of my Sensory Processing Disorder I have problems with blocking out noise. This leads me to wearing my headphones with music on when I am out of the house a lot of the time.

When I go to places that are going to be noisy like the grocery store, or the mall, I have trouble being around all the noise. Its loud and startling at times.

It can leave me with ringing ears and slightly panicked at all that is going on around me.

This is why I almost never leave the house without my headphones on or in my purse. I need the music to be able to drown out the background noise of the world around me.

It can be frustrating, especially when the people I am with can’t understand why I need to wear the headphones.

They can’t understand that I can have the music on low so that I can hear what they are saying. That the music is on so that I don’t also hear what everyone around me is also saying or doing.

It can leave me frustrated and not want to do anything because of knowing that the sound around me is going to maybe set me off. Or that it will give ringing ears and slight ever-growing sense of  panic.

It will probably be something that I am forever working on. And I might always need to have headphones just in case.

It does get better, sometimes when I am not as anxiety ridden or overwhelmed with life I can go places without my headphones.

So maybe I will just have to find something that works for me to keep my anxiety down. And sure I will have times when that will be impossible, but it can maybe help me some of the time.

Will see.

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