My Love of Music (Autism and Anxiety)

Music is something that I have always loved. It is something that I can count on to use when I am feeling depressed or anxious.

I am  a person that loves a long-range of types of music.

But I have to say that I have a big soft spot for Classic rock with AC/DC, and Warrant, Bon Jovi, Queen, and others as my go to for music. I grew up listening to classic rock and Elvis. And I am pretty sure that we still have records somewhere in the house.

I also have a guilty pleasure for Dubstep as I have a love for the beats and base of songs. And Dubstep is pretty much only beat and base.

Country is also something that I listen to sometimes. I am not a huge fan of it as when I lived with my dad and grandma in a small town that was the only thing that the radio would have on. So not a big fan of Country music for me. Though I like to listen to it here and there.

And Hard Rock is something that I listen to regularly. With Rob Zombie as a go to, along with Disturbed, and Halestorm.

So you can say that I have a broad spectrum of songs that I like to listen to.

But on thing that all of these have in common for me is that they calm me down. When I am anxious or depressed I will just put on one of my playlists and just listen. Or when I am angry I will put on songs that are full of anger or swear words and use it to let that anger out.

You don’t want to know the amount of times I have listened to Lily Allen when I was angry.

But It does help me. Music is something that I like to have on me at all times when I go out of the house.

I like to use it as a safety net. As while it is used as a way to combat my Sensory Processing Disorder when I am going out of the house, it can also help with anxiety inducing situations.

And I use my wide variety of song genres for different situations. Like pop songs to bring me out of my anxiety and just get lost in the catchy lyrics. Or rock songs to feel confident as I walk the streets. Or Dubstep to get lost in the beat and not focus on whats around me.

Music is one my biggest helps for my anxiety when leaving the house. And it is one of the best thing that I use when I have to face a crowded or unknown situation.

So making sure that I have my music on me when leaving the house is something that I always do.

Sure I might forget my glasses, but never my music.

And I am very glad that music is something that I can always count on to help me. And I know that its something that I can always have as a safety net for situations.

2 thoughts on “My Love of Music (Autism and Anxiety)

  1. It’s great to get lost in song lyrics. A game I like to play is to make up a little story in my head to match the lyrics.

    1. I actually do that also. I have a big binder full of short stories that I came up with when listening to songs. ‘The Flawed doll’ is actually one of those stories.

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