Multitasking and what it does to Autistic People

I have problems with multitasking.

When I am working on something I always have problems moving on to another subject or project. I want to put all my effort into the one thing until its done.

Its always frustrating when I am asked to move on to something else, or do two projects at once.

This is also why school was hard for me, so many projects and subjects all at the same time.

When I have to multitask on several projects all at the same time it tends to build my sense of panic, all leading to the same ending. A meltdown.

I always get frustrated when tells me to do the two things at the same time. And when I try to tell them that I can’t, that I just want to finish this one thing first, they don’t listen. I find they try to push me into doing them both.

It dosn’t work, it makes the tasks longer and harder to get done.

I think my family have gotten better at this now with my autism diagnoses helping them to understand. They understand now that I have trouble with multitasking, that I work better with just one subject.

I think the diagnoses helps them see why I am like this. That I am forever thankful for.

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