Motor skills and how it affects Autistic People

One of the things that my autism effects is my motor skills.

If you do not know what motor skills are they are the movements that a person makes with the intention to a certain specific act. Like writing for example .

Autism happens to affect the persons motor skills in many ways.

One of them that I have already made a post on is that I am a very clumsy person. Autism is known to affect he persons balance. That makes me known to start to fall over when I am just standing there. Or when I am just walking I can loss that balance easily.

It also gives me the habit of falling out of my chair sometimes. When I was in high school it had happened a few times.

It also can affect the persons writing ability. Me, I always seems to press down to hard when I use a pencil or pen leaving marks and dents on my hand. It also makes my writing more messy.

For me it also seems to affect my catching ability. I can’t catch anything.

When someone throws something to me my hands go out but they don’t close. So I always panic when someone goes to throw something at me.

Riding a bike is also something that I do not do.

Some of this I won’t be able to change and will just have to live with. Others are something that will be worked on as I go through life.

Right now thought I just try to get through life without too much damage.

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