More Sleep Less Anxiety

When you have a full night of sleep you can find that you have less anxiety then if you didn’t.

This could be for many reasons.

It could be that when you have a full night of sleep instead of not enough you are not over tired. Because when you are over tired you can find that everything is more stressful and you are more irritable. And both of those things can lead to more anxiety.

It could be that you woke up more refreshed and awake leaving you to be able to do more things that you would if you where tired.

It could be that after waking up from a full and good nights sleep you just feel better about yourself. Contrasted to when you don’t get enough sleep and you feel worse about yourself. Not to mention that you can end up hating yourself for not getting enough sleep or going to bed at an earlier time.

But no matter what the reason is getting a goods night rest and more sleep can really help lower some of your anxiety.

It can leave you feeling better about yourself and feel like you are more ready to face the day then you would feel if you got less sleep.

So go ahead and use this as the push you need to get more of the sleep you need.

It can be worth it.

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