Lost In The Never Woods: Book Review

Five years after Wendy’s brothers went missing she is trying to move on. But more kids going missing and a familiar boy appearing changes things.

Trigger Warnings:

Child kidnapping, Missing kids, Talk of dead children, Panic attacks,

5/5 stars, this was one of the best books I have read this year

I’m still feeling the affects of this book. Wanting more chapters, more of the story. What I really want it the ability to forget that I read this so that I can read this all over again.

The characters were fantastic, the story grabbed me and was full of magic, the twist was wonderful, and the ending…

The ending brought me to tears.

Wendy is filled with anxiety and the stresses of life.

She hasn’t been okay since her brothers went missing five years ago. She’s trying to move on but living with the knowledge that she knows what happens to her brothers. But her memory won’t let her know what happened. Because Wendy doesn’t remember what happened to her brother.

But things are going to be better. With collage around the corner she can get out of her small town and the stares that follow her. She just has to hold on until then.

She can make it just a little longer.

But Kids are starting to go missing.

When the police come knocking for her after a missing kid disappears just like her brothers did all those years ago things start to go south.

Being hounded by the police and detectives about what happened to her when she was with her brothers Wendy is starting to get shaken.

Because she still has no memory about what happened in those woods.

But something happens that just might be the key to finding out what really happened all those years ago.

Running Over a boy in the woods sets in motion some unexpected results

On her way home after volunteering in the hospital. Wendy, stress ends up overflowing when she runs over a boy in the woods.

But this boy is familiar to her somehow.

And after a closer look he looks exactly like the person she has been drawing from her dreams for years. And he knows her name.

But he can’t be that.

Because the person from her dreams isn’t real. There are just stories that her mother told her, that she told her brother.

Peter Pan Can’t be real

already stressed from running over a boy in the woods Wendy can’t seem to catch a break. Especially when said boy is screaming her name in a hospital bed.

But she hasn’t met this boy before, so how does he know her name? Consequently asking him doesn’t seem to help anything.

Going on and on about how he has been looking for her and getting upset that she doesn’t seem to remember him. You can say she is left a little confused.

But what really shakes her his name.

He says its Peter.

And Peter? He says that he knows what’s happening to the kids. . . And he needs Wendy’s help

Peter. Peter Pan is real and in front of her.

and he wants her help finding those little kids. But doing this means that she has to go into the woods.

And it means confronting her own fear about what happened in those woods all those years ago. Confronting if she even wants to know what happend.

But this is more than just Wendy. This is a change to find these kids.

To find her brothers.

And Finding John and Michael are more important than her fear of the woods.

This book was impossible to put down

I read this almost in one sitting.

This book kept me captivated from the very beginning. Filled with magic and a storyline that swept me along all the while needing to know more.

I loved the mystery around Peter. Who he was, how he came to be, why he seems to know Wendy and her brothers.

Wendy was also captivating. Her struggles and anxiety affecting me and making me feel for her. All the while she was a strong character that wasn’t a damsel in distress.

I wanted to keep living in this world even after the last finishing the very last page.

The mystery also kept me stringing along.

What happened to the kids going missing? What happened to Wendy’s brothers.

I loved how Aiden Thomas played out the mystery and what happened to cause these kids to go missing. The twist consequently shook me to the core.

Maybe I just wasn’t paying enough attention but while I suspected something my guesses didn’t hit the mark and what did take place hit me hard in a way that I am still feeling.

I didn’t expect the twist that took place but I loved the way that it did play out.

The ending affected me

I felt the ending hard. The lead up to the ending hurt and lifted me up.

And while it didn’t give me everything that I wanted I didn’t need it to with how satisfying the ending was.

I will and can admit that I did have tears at multiple points in the last chapters of the book.

it hurt and but felt so good.

Give this book a read

If any of the things that I raved about are your thing then definitely pick this book up. Because from this day forward this has joined my ‘Best Books I’ve Read’ pile.

I won’t be forgetting this book anytime soon.

And hopefully after you give this book a read you feel the same way.


From here on there will be spoilers for Lost In The Never Woods if you don’t want to be spoiled please stop here.

Wendy was a perfectly strong character who stilled had her flaws

I loved Wendy as a character.

She had her goals, and the things that she wants in life that she works hard to get. all the while having flaws that balances her out. Her anxiety, not wanting to go for more in life because of fear, ect.

And she was a perfectly strong character on her own. Sure she gets saved at some points in the story but it doesn’t diminish her ability to be strong.

Wendy wasn’t pulled through the story. She herself moved the story along. Wendy was the one that dragged herself into the woods to find the tree in the hopes of finding the lost kids. And in the end it was Wendy who saved the kids and Peter.

All of this making me fall in love with Wendy as a character.

Peter’s Shadow

The way that Aiden Thomas used the myths of Peter Pan was perfect. Little hints and nods that people who know the material making it feel like an inside joke.

But Peter’s Shadow makes the perfect villain for this book. Peter’s shadow was filled with mystery and hate and he stole every scene he was in.

for most of this book it kept you in the dark about how things were going to end with the shadow. His constant appearances from nowhere, not knowing how or what he knows about Wendy or why he wants her so much.

All of this keeping everything everything all on edge not knowing what or how this is going to end.

Peter himself was a joy to read.

Peter himself had his own mystery to him. Why was he here now? How did his shadow get lose? Why is he losing control and growing up? All of these things keeping me hooked.

And finding out that Peter was starting to lose control because he brought Wendy to Neverland. That he continued to lose control because he couldn’t forget about Wendy and that falling for Wendy broke the last of his control?

That hit hard.

But the twist hit harder

It was obvious that Peter knew something that about Wendy’s brothers that she wouldn’t like. But I can say that it hit me hard.

Finding out that Neverland is for kids that have died hit me like a ton of bricks. Everything that Wendy has been doing, going out into the woods. Trying to recover her memories even though she is scared of them. All of that is to find and recover her brothers.

So finding out that they are dead? Yeah that hurt.

But it also meant that we needed to find out what really happened to her brothers. If they aren’t kidnapped then what happened to them?

The death of John and Michael

What happened in those woods that left her brothers dead? Wendy finds out when the mental block breaks.

Wendy and her brother were playing in the woods when a hunter, stumbling drunk took a shot. This shot killed John and Michael.

And what’s more? That hunter is Wendy’s neighbor Mr Davies.

Finding all of this out broke me.

The conclusions also hit hard

It felt like everything came to a head so quickly. From the moment Peter was taken everything went fast as we moved headfirst to the conclusion.

Wendy learning what really happened to her brothers, going to rescue Peter from his shadow, saving the kids.

And finally the cops finding out what happened to John and Michael.

And when Mr. Davies confessed. That in itself was satisfying.

And when they found the bodies? it felt so joyful but hurt too. They may be dead but at least everyone knows what happened now. And they are home.

So all in all the conclusion hit hard and stuck with me all the while being all around satisfying.

This book is one that I will definitely re-read at some point in the very near future.

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