Life of the Clumsy and Easily Bruised

I am very clumsy, I always have been.

I have been told that my autism plays a part in it, making me less mobility inclined.

But what really does not help is that I am very easily bruised. I can wake up in the morning to find some bruise on my leg that I had no idea how I got.

So mix that with my ability to be standing still and the loss my balance the next moment tends to leave me a bruised mess at times.

I have fallen out of chairs in school on multiple occasions. Tripped up or down the stairs lots of times. Lost my balance if someone nudges me to hard.

It’s all around not a good situation.

But I am getting by, even if I do have the habit of tripping/falling out of my bed. Or snagging my foot on my outfit and falling off my bed and hitting a body part on the wall.

Or even the unfortunate time I punched myself in the face while trying to get my shirt on. Or the time that I need my own nose when falling forward as I was trying to get up.

So yeas there have been times that I have walked around with questionable bruises. Or just fall in public places.

My friends and family barely react to it anymore. Especially with my habit of blurting out ‘I’m fine’ after any type of fall I take.

Don’t even get me started on trying to ride a bike.

But I’m fine, I’m surviving. And nothing to bad has happened yet. And hopefully it never will.

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