Less New Year’s Revolutions and More Goal Setting

With January now behind us it can mean an end to some peoples Revolutions that they set out to do at the start to January.

And as some people stumble and fall or just generally loose sight or motivation to keeping up with their Revolutions it brings with it a lot of feelings up.

Now before I get into those, I want to start with something else.

Do New Years’ Revolutions Really Work?

Generally? Not really.

When we make New year’s Revolutions, we tend to go for something big. Something life changing.

Sometimes even something that would be a whole life overhaul.

And trying to do something like this all at once is not something that lasts for most of the people that try it.

Trying to change anything in your life is hard to do. But something big like going Zero Waste can make it even harder.

I mean going Zero Waste is a really great thing to want to do.

But going into it at full speed is not something that I would recommend.

Going Zero Waste means that you must change almost every facet of your life.

From what you what you buy, to how you shop all of this will need to be changed as you try and find out how to buy the things you need without or as little as possible packaging.  

And trying to do all this all at once can lean to burn out. Which in turn leads to one just giving up on trying to stick to this.

And that leads to those feeling that I mentioned before. Failing any goal that you set can hurt and make you feel like you failed yourself.

It can bring out a lot of self hate and just general doubt on if any goal is something that you could do.

And none of this is pleasant for one to go through.

But its one many do.

Now I’m not saying this means that you should just forgo trying. Or that you should just continue going through life as usual and never change a thing.

But maybe instead of setting these impossibly big changes, you can try setting smaller ones that can lead to the big change you want.

Setting small goals are something reachable.

And that in itself can really be good for helping you in reaching that impossibly big goal.

When you hit a goal, it feels really great.

I mean you did it, you beat that thing you set out to do.

And when you that happens it makes you want to try more. Because if you reached this goal then of course you can do another one right?

Let’s take wanting to Start Running regularly.

The first goal can be walking once every two weeks for a whole month.

After beating that you can make once every once week for a month.

And after a while you could move on to jogging, and then to actually running.

And their you go you reached your goal of running.

And you don’t even have to have a specific goal in mind.

Being healthier for one. If that’s something that you want for the new year than find small goals that you can work on that month and than after beating that one try sticking it for a while.

And after that maybe find another small goal that you can add to that one and start working it.

And hopefully with setting goals for the new year, the feeling and experience of failing you’re a New Year Revolution can be something that’s in the past.

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