Journaling Your Anxiety

I have mentioned in at least one other post that I am a fan of journaling for anxiety. I decided to expand on that.

Writing down your anxiety can be tedious and not something that you want to do. That could be for a variety of reasons. Be it just not wanting to write down your feelings, to just not wanting to be exposed like that.

But Doing It Can Really Help.

When you write down what you are feeling or how a situation went down and what you felt during that situation can bring up all of those emotions up all at once. It can leave you rushing to write it all down as fast as you can.

And by the end of it you feel drained.

But there you have it.

You Feel Drained.

After you have finished it you feel nothing. And most of all you don’t feel those emotions that you have just felt.

And slowly as everything starts to sink in you start to feel better about it. You start to not feel those emotions as sharply as they used to be.

Journaling those emotions can get them out.

You don’t have to leave them inside bottled up. You can just let them out without having to explode.

And sure you might feel horrible after writing it all down sometimes but it lets you feel better late on.

It lets you let out all of the things bothering you and it lets you not have to have those things inside your head constantly.

It lets you not have to think about those things anymore.

It lets you have peace for a little while.

So yeah, I recommend trying journaling for anxiety.

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