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I find that most writers are constantly getting new ideas in their head most of their waking days. It can be when there are at home in the shower, or when they are at a gas station. But I also find that they are forgetting these ideas as fast as they come. One new one comes, an old one goes.

Journalism these ideas are the best way to remember these things. And its nice to be able to go back and look through them when you are looking for inspiration. Or when you can’t quite remember what that one idea you has been.

I like to have on notebook that I write ideas in and one on my phone and one on my computer.

Doing this means that if you lose one of them, or if your computer breaks down you still have that list.

Journalism your writing also has the benefit that if you hit a road block in your writing that you have away to look through some ideas. It stops you from having to sit their staring at a blank screen for hours on end.

It also has the benefit of giving you a good flow in your writing.

I like to use it in a way that as soon as I finish one work I can just move onto a new one right away.

This works for me as I am a person that needs to write. I tend to get frustrated when I go to many days without doing some writing. So adding in not having ideas with the not writing tend to leave me a bit easy to anger at times.

So I highly recommend having a journal your writing ideas.

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  1. My mom has problems with getting ideas for her writing and then forgetting them, but my problem is I’m almost completely dry on ideas because I’m still hyperfocused on a project I wrote at the beginning of this year that I’ve already finished. I have word document with some ideas in it, but none of them interest me that much and I’m having trouble switching gears. :/

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