Intrusive Thoughts are not Real, and They are not You

Intrusive thoughts can be hard to deal with. They pop up out of nowhere, they can be weird, they can be something that you wouldn’t do or think about, and most of all, they can scare you.

Intrusive thoughts are common in people with anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder (for more info on what type of thoughts are intrusive thoughts and other general info you can read my post ‘Intrusive Thought & Anxiety‘).

But it’s very important to remember that these thoughts are not really you.

It can be scary when you have intrusive thoughts because they are usually weird in nature and they have you thinking about doing something you would never do.

And it can leave you stunned as you try to figure out why you had these thoughts. And trying to justify to your self how you would never do what you just thought. Or you try to figure out the meaning behind why you thought what you did.

Because there must be a reason why you thought about doing that weird thing right?


Its important to remember that intrusive thoughts are just that. Intrusive thoughts.

They are not you; they are not what you usually thing about, they are not something that you would do.

They Are Not Real. (well they are real in the sense that you really did think that but moving on.)

And knowing this and letting your self trust that is a big part in dealing with these.

Because knowing that these thoughts are not real lets you take a step back and not spend so much time dwelling on it as you try to dissect it and panic over it.

You acknowledge it, see it for what it is, and move on.

And I know that it isn’t that easy and knowing that they are not real doesn’t magically stop them from impacting you. Not to mention that trying to convince your self they are not real can be hard work.

But it is a step toward that goal.

Because when you acknowledge that they are not your real everyday thought process means that you are distancing your self from them.

It may not feel like that at first, and maybe for a long while it still won’t.

But eventually, as you continue gathering more tools and lessons in dealing with them you will notice the distance.

Like I always say.

You just have to keep going until you get to that point.

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