Intrusive Thought and its link to Anxiety & Anxiety Disorders

One of my many symptoms of my anxiety disorder is intrusive thoughts.

Intrusive thoughts are thoughts that enter ones mind constantly and do not go away when you try. They tend to pop up at weird or random times, they sometimes flash though your mind out of nowhere. Intrusive thoughts are also not exclusive to anxiety sufferers, hitting people with OCD also.

The three most comment categories are these:

  • Violent Thoughts: These are when a person has sudden thoughts of violence. Of ether doing something horrible to someone or something, or of something horrible happening to someone of something to you. They often cause worry to the person who questions why they would think that, worry of something is wrong with them. But these thoughts does not mean that you want this to happen.
  • Unwanted Memories: These are when you suddenly get a memory of something that you did that was embarrassing or horrible. They pop up at anytime making you relive that situation.
  • Sexual Thoughts: These are when you suddenly have sexual thoughts about something you would never want to do. They can happen with someone you would never want to be sexual with. It can tend toward things that you don’t want to do, or even violent sexual thoughts. They can leave you mortified that you would ever thing that. But just like with violent thoughts just because they pop up does not mean that you truly want to do that.

Many people with generalized anxiety like I have also can have intrusive thoughts in the form of consent worries or thoughts about a situation that could go wrong. They think about every way that this situation could go wrong. Thinking about everything that could and probably will happen to them.

These thoughts can leave you to avoid doing certain things because these thoughts keep popping up. They can leave you avoiding situations so not to do something that could fuel their intrusive thoughts.

And if they do fall into a situation that goes wrong and feeds your intrusive thoughts, they tend to avoid social situations that it could happen again. They have a hard time getting over the intrusive thoughts that pop up and show you what happened last time.

Intrusive thoughts can be a big problem, and if they happen enough that they cause problems then the person should go to someone who can help. Therapists are people who are trained to be able to help with these types of problems. They will be able to help.

Intrusive thoughts don’t go away without knowing how to make them go away. Finding what works for you to be able to stop them is important. If you need help with these thoughts don’t be afraid to go find that help.

Living with intrusive thoughts is not easy, but they can be manageable with help.

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