If This Gets Out: Book Review

An enjoyable sappy romance with hard hitting themes. If This Gets Out is a must read for any young queer

Ruben and Zack, both members of a booming boy band. But things are start to fall apart due to both management and tensen with some of the members.

If this Gets Out by Sophie Gonzales and Cale Dietrich book cover

(I was given this book as a ARC or Advanced Reader Copy given through NetGalley as an audiobook for an honest Review. All of these thoughts are mine and at no point was I pressured or swayed in my opinion)

This book comes out 07 Dec 2021. This is a LGBTQ Teen/YA

This book went above and beyond. 5/5 stars

I went into this book expecting a rom com about some boy band members. But what it gave me was so much more. This book gave me the the romance that I wanted, but it also went into some hard hitting themes that I wasn’t expecting. But these themes where all the more welcome. They added so much to the story, all the while being true to things that actually do go on in real life music industry.

You don’t have to be a boy band fan to give this book a read. Definitely recommend

The Band Members Of Saturday

Ruben, Zack, Angel, and Jon are all the members of the boy band, Saturday.

I thoroughly enjoyed all the characters in the band. Each had their own personality and quirks that made them who they are. All of them able to be distinguished from each other and reacting to the other characters differently.

Jon being more cautious, type A personality, Angel being more of a wild child, Zack being the more cautiously sweet type, and Ruben being the perfectionist. All of them fun to read and see how they interacted with each other in scenes and to the things that were happening around them.

Speaking of the things happening around them.

The Plot and the hard hitting themes.

The plot of this book is the boy band and management surrounding it.

I felt that this book portrayed boy bands and the politics around the music world that surrounds bands perfectly. While this book is a romance book (Which they did perfectly might I say. So cute I loved all of it) the things happening within the band due to outside forces of the music word kept me hooked.

They portrayed these real world things that happens to bands in the music world perfectly and tastefully. From fan bases, shipping, archetypes of band members, to controlled narrative of the band members. And most of all it portrays how this affects people within the industry.

All wrapped in a happy ending.

Give this book a Read if you like adorably awkward romance and hard hitting facts on the music industry

I myself will definitely be picking up my own physical copy of this book when it comes out in december so that I can have it in my hands and on my shelf. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with this book and will definitely be going back to this book in the near future. The perfect read from the romance and themes. All the way down to the side characters.

No aspect of this book I disliked.

Please Check Here for where you can pick this book up.

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