Hyperfocus and its effects on Autistic Individuals

One of the things that I have noticed is that my autism lets me focus on one subject for hours.

On of the things that this really comes out in is when I am playing video games.

I am a gamer with a love for games with long hours of playability. I like games like that because when I play games I hyper focus on playing the game.

This leaves me starting around ten in the morning and when I look at the clock again is eleven at night.

My hyper focus and deeps need to complete everything in the game leads me to playing for hours and hours. Like when I played Skyrim and ended up getting a platinum trophie and nothing left to do in the game.

And this happens with almost everything that I do. When I start a new TV show that I end up loving I learn everything that I can about the show and the actors that played the characters.

Its only after I seems to learn everything that I can on the subject that I end up floundering for a while before moving on to a different subject.

And so the system repeats. Over and over I learn everything that I can on the subject or thing before moving on to a different one.

I find that it’s both a good and a bad thing for me. It’s good because I finish subjects at a rapid paste soaking up everything that I can on it. But is bad because I can’t really multitask because of it.

I have a hard time moving my attention away from my one subject to focus on another. And sometimes that can get frustrating. It was especially bad when I was in school and had to multiple subjects all at the same time.

But I really just choose to embrace the benefits and struggle thought the bad. I am getting better at it. And I am glad for my hyper focus as it does make learning (and gaming) more fun and easy for me.

To be honest I find it one of the best experiences to just get lost in a subject and just learn everything that I can about it. And after I have there is a deep sense of pride that I did that. I learned all of that knowledge. Its is one of the best rushes to get.

So as I continue on my way I will continue to utilize this as a gift. And I will continue to work through the bad sides of it.

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