How To Start Writing a Novel

This is a question is see everywhere on the internet, or by my friends. It always them saying that they would love to write a novel but don’t know how to start.

This is something that baffles me though. As someone who has been writing her whole life it just something that comes naturally to me.

I mean when my sister asked me to help my nephew with a short story for his English class I sat down to help him. He asked me what to do and all I could really say was just to write.

And I guess so someone who doesn’t really write its a hard question. I mean when I am someone who just comes up with story ideas on the fly all the time. I have lists of story ideas that just come to my mind and I want to someday make use of.

But seeing as its asked all the time I think I’ll take a stab at trying to answer it.

  1. Come Up With Story Ideas. Your story has to be about something, so why don’t you sit down and think of what type of story it is. Make a list of plots or ideas and pick one of them. I mean if you are a writer then you should have a bunch of story ideas in your head already.
  2. Find Your Characters. After you have found what type of story you are writing and have found a plot you should find the characters that this story revolves around. You should think about the lives of these characters. What they look lie, how they act, how others see them. And more importantly why they are the character that this story revolves around them.
  3. Make a Storyboard. This should be when you go through every part of your stories big plot points. It should cover all of the major things that happen in the story. And this should not just be the beginning, middle, and end of your story. It should be every big thing. And you don’t have to draw out what happens like movie storyboards, you just have to have a paragraph or list for each major thing.
  4. Make an Outline. This should go beyond your story board and be the part that you write down every plot point in your novel. This should have everything that is going to happen in your novel. You have this so that you don’t stray from your plot while writing and end up going on tangents. You don’t want your plot to go on forever and end up forgetting what you were supposed to be doing. So make an Outline.
  5. Write. Now you just write. It might be frustrating with you not knowing how to start it. But the only thing you can do is sit their staring at your blank page and force yourself to write. One you finely get going it will get better. But you will only be able do this if you force those fist few lines out.

So there you go, my five steps to starting to write a novel. One thing that I tell people is that if you are a writer then all you have to do is find your story and force it out onto paper.

One thing that always makes me cringe is people who try to write a story just for the sake of having the ability to say they wrote a novel.

Write because you want to write, not to be able to know that you accomplished it.

To me a true w is someone who writes a novel because they have stories they want to tell.

So really its just a matter of getting those stories out of your head and forced onto paper.

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