Horror Movies and self induced Therapy

I have always been a fan of horror movies, I grew up watching them, and though I find not a lot of them scare me anymore to much, and they tend to follow a pattern I still love watching them.

I love to get scared, the rush I get from it always making me giddy. And I was surprised to find that a lot of people with anxiety love horror movies.

After mentioning my love of the horror genre my therapist mentioned that lots of people with anxiety disorders love and turn to the horror genre for help. This surprised me as I never knew.

So after getting home I started to research, finding heaps of articles about it from lists of movies for people with anxiety life:

11 Scary Movies People With Anxiety Actually Love‘ by Sarah Schuster, The mighty

Or Articles that list why life:

Watching Horror Movies Helps Me Cope with My Anxiety‘ by Lindsay King-Miller, Vice

Why Some Anxious People Find Comfort in Horror Movies‘ by Abby Moss, Broadly Vice

The Psychological Reason Watching Horror Movies Can Be Good For Your Mental Health‘ by Emily Madriga, Thought Catalog

all of them having a few points in common.

That watching horror movies lets you feel anxiety for something that is not about the person with it, its about having a monster that is real and in front of you leaving you you the ability to fight it.

It leaves you with the ability to choose to feel anxiety, and it lets you come down from that anxiety without feeling like you where being anxious about something silly. And after feeling that rush you have the ability to relax and not be anxious for a little while.

and most of all it has a clear ending, the characters, the characters defeat the thing that was causing them anxiety. Something I can never do, but horror movies let me see that.

So I for one will continue using horror movies as a outlet for me anxiety.

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