Honey Girl by Morgan Rogers: Book Review

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Honey Girl is the relatable journey of finding oneself through anxiety all through the lense of a lesbian drunken marriage in Vegas.

Book Trigger warnings

Before I get into reviewing Honey girl by Morgan Rogers I would like to say that this book does contain light self harm (Scratching, pinching, bruising oneself when overwhelmed) Depression & Anxiety. The main character multiple times in the book has anxiety attacks that leave her to harm herself.

Though there is no instances of cutting or permanent self harm in this book.

And without further adieu the Honey Girl book review:

This is a solid 4.9/5 stars

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with this book. I loved the characters and the journey that they took to find their place in the world.

Relatable Main Character

I found Grace to be a solidly relatable character. And while I can not relate to all her struggles as I am not of the ethnicity that Grace is I can’t truly and fully relate to all of her problems.

What I can and do relate to is her anxiety and depression and the problems that it causes in her life.

Grace’s perfectionist streak and need to have everything go a certain way and tendency to panic when it doesn’t is a very relatable problem.

Because anxiety and depression and the tendency to spiral when things don’t go a certain way is relatable no matter what ethnicity you are.

But Don’t Take That To Mean That This Book Is Just Filled With Sadness

I found Honey Girl to be a enjoyably funny book to read.

While Grace is a anxiety filled perfectionist, and her wife to also have her own problems they balanced each other out perfectly in my opinion.

Yuki (Grace’s Wife) is a free spirit who likes to try and see the best in everyone that she can. and quite funny to boot.

an example here from a text Yuki Sent Grace:

feel free to ignore in case this is weird but it’s been quiet for a little bit so I just wanted to ask are you dead? If yes, did you get the chance to add me to your will

Yuki to Grace (Pg. 108)

and I think pretty much anyone can relate to this one:

“Grace Porter” Yuki answers, out if breath. “I was doing that thing where you text something embarrassing and then throw your phone across the room, only it kept buzzing. Because you were calling me.”

Yuki to Grace (Pg. 111)

The Chemistry Between The Grace And the Love Yuki Was Great And Relatably Awkward

I felt the chemistry between the characters even when their love was not a smooth going process. Which I will say I felt the point was.

I said before both Yuki and Grace had there problems both emotional and life wise. And that made the characters clash at times.

But you could still see that they really where falling for each other and found the other emotionally and physically attractive.

They messed up some times with each other and that made this story all the more relatable.

Everything about this book felt like a relatable journey to finding oneself even with you emotional baggage.

but this the end of the spoiler free section of the review. I will end this off by saying that I definitely recommend giving this a read as it is a perfectly solid story about a lesbian trying to find herself and falling in love in the process.


Like I mentioned in the spoiler free section I found this to be a perfect mix of emotional messes and funny moments.

Most of the humor coming from Grace’s Vegas wife Yuki. Her constantly saying and doing things to make Grace smile.

But Yuki Is not The Perfect Love Interest Here To Fix Everything For The Main Character

Yuki had her own problems. Mainly her insecurity. Yuki may have been there for Grace, helping her try and find herself, pushing her to find what she wants and actually needs. Always there with humor and kind words.

But there where times when Yuki let her insecurities get the better of her. Or when Grace pushed Yuki a little to much. Or poked at her need and want to believe in monsters and follow the the stories that Yuki’s radio listeners sent her.

And that made her all the better. Because this made her more then just here for the Grace to fall in love with and fix her life.

She was a full and 3 dimensional character flaws and all.

Speaking of Life, Let’s Talk About Grace’s

Grace’s need for everything to go perfect stemmed from her father and his want for her to be able to succeed.

But it left a lot of problems for grace.

Because her need to be perfect was the cause of most if not all of her problems. Which I mean is pretty relatable if you ask me. I mean if you have any type of mental illness then trying to make things perfect can really be something that you want to strive for. But it rarely goes that way.

And this leads to spiraling. Which Grace does throughout this book often.

Things derail and Grace doesn’t know how to handle it. And sometimes when Grace does not know how to handle things she ends up hurting herself.

Which can also be relatable to a lot of people.

Grace wants her life to be perfect. She wants to have the perfect job that she deserves and she wants it along with Yuki. But she finds that she can’t have both. which hurts both Grace as a character, and me as the reader.

So when the job in New York comes up she doesn’t really want to take it because it’s not the perfect job that she deserves. Even when not taking the job would mean not being with Yuki.

And this leads to a big fight with her running just like she feel her mother did. Who she does not want to be like. But she also doesn’t want to be like her father either.

Now Let’s talk About Grace and The Colonel

Grace’s hard relationship with her father moved a lot of the plot.

Grace not wanting to disappoint him. Not wanting him to find out about the things that are going out of control in her life because she knows that it will make her father unhappy.

And Grace as a character wants nothing more then to please her father.

But Grace as a character also doesn’t want to turn out like her father (or her mother) and that is something that she struggles with as she tries to find herself.

Grace’s relationship with her father was relatable and hard. Because her father just wants the best for her but doesn’t really go about it in the best way.

Him shutting down when she tries to talk about her depression when she was younger as a good example.

He didn’t mean to hurt her. Just wanting to make her more prepared for life but not really intending the damage that it caused her later in the future.

So all Around This Book Was An Emotional Rollercoaster

But it was one that I wholeheartedly recommend everyone read.

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