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Giving Yourself Time in Social Situations (Anxiety issues)

One thing that I find that happens when someone is shy or has social anxiety is they try to force a social persona. They try to be social. But they don’t tend to give themselves time to warm up to everything.

Everyone has a time when they have to warm up to someone.

It’s the same for people with anxiety or shy people.

You need time to warm up and be open with them.

And it is okay to take that time to do that.

Forcing a persona can just make everything worse.

And it can do more harm than good in the long run.Finding that you tend to burn out more. That you want to spend less and less time with people.

So really needing sometime to warm up to people is okay. You can do that.

And you should never force yourself to play the part of someone else.

Even if it might take a few days, or even more than that, to warm up to someone.

It’s fine.

Because rushing it will only make you feel worse than you do when you are not warmed up to them yet.

Not to mention that taking that time shown more of the real you then you would if you pushed that down.

The others should be able to understand you better. And it lessens the chance of them being confused when you start to drop the persona or get burned out.

So really, take all the time you need.

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