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Getting to Much Sleep is as bad as to Little

It’s Funny that getting too much sleep and getting not enough sleep are both something that can be very dangerous to your health.

One thing is that someone who is getting too much sleep can feel very tired even with the over sleeping. When you over sleep, you want to sleep more.

People ave also linked over sleeping with depression, which I have mentioned in my post  ‘Physical Signs of Depression’. Though People have debated if it is just a sign of it or if it can cause it.

And it has been linked to being a sign or a cause for other types of mental disorders also like anxiety and can worsen the persons overall mental heath.

Not to mention that if you over sleep you end up feeling tired, which can make you feel like you haven’t slept at all as you go through your day.

Another thing is that the tiredness from over sleeping makes you drink more coffee which then can lead to headaches when waking up from caffeine withdraw.

Oversleep has also been known to cause irritability, probably from the person feeling tired and overall just not feeling their best.

Not to mention that oversleeping can be linked to weight gain as you are spending more and more times sleeping instead of being up and moving around.

But one thing that should be known is that oversleeping can be the symptom of a mental disorder and not what has caused it. Especially is you find that you have suddenly started oversleeping after finding your self depressed or anxiety ridden.

But one thing that should be taken into consideration is that oversleep can be just as bad as someone who is not getting enough sleep.

And both of those things should be taken into consideration and be worked on to be fixed.

A healthy sleeping pattern is something needed for a healthy body and mind.

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