Getting Back into Writing After a Break

No matter how much you may want to sometimes you have to take a break from writing. Life sometimes just gets in the way.

And that’s fine.

I have had to take several breaks from writing for different reasons because of something that life through at me (Chronic pain is just the most resent).

But getting back into the swing of it isn’t as easy as just writing.

Because when you take a break from writing jerks you out of the easy glide that you may have created while writing.

You may not know where you were going with things (Even with a very detailed outline to help). And you might find that the writing now isn’t as good as your writing from before the break, hell it might be terrible.

And all of this is okay. Any problems that come of this right now is fine. And it will differently get better.

Because writing after a break tends to be like when you started writing your work. You weren’t that good, you didn’t know where you where going, and you didn’t really know how to pace things well.

It’s like that all over again but with more knowledge from doing all of this before. And that knowledge helps.

Because you did do this before. You know how it goes.

And just like with the couple of pages or chapters the first bit that you write may not be the best. But it gets better as you write.

So, don’t spend hours or even days stressing and trying to write a good piece of writing after a break.

Just like with the first chapter, just keep writing. You can go back and fix the writing after you have gotten back into it.

And you will get back into the it. Because you wrote those first few pages. So, you have been here before.

And you have conquered that.

So, keep writing and don’t look back. Because you can do it.

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