Friendship (Living With Anxiety and Depression)

I find myself often frustrated or upset with myself on the subject of friendship.

I don’t make friends easy, and all the friends that I made, they always started the conversation. They always stumbled on a topic that I was passionate about and it set me off. but I don’t start conversations. 

Even after we become friends I don’t text them often, not unless I want to ask something specific to them. But if they text me I’ll answer back, but again I most of the time am not the one starting the conversation.

This always leaves me watching as our friendship slowly dies off. My depression and anxiety setting off as I watch it happen.

And even when I do start up conversation, like with the group I hangout with during my late year of high school, it didn’t seem to help. I was on the edge of the group, and it hurt. I slowly edged away from the group, nobody saying anything or doing anything when I stopped joining them.

Though I do have a best friend, first meeting in kindergarten going all the way up through the grades. And they understand.

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