Feeling Drained from Social Interactions

This could happen because of many different reasons. It could be that you have just been playing a part, or that you are just an introvert or that you just can’t handle being around people anymore. But whatever the reason it left you feeling drained and tired.

It can leave you feeling tired and like you just want to sleep the day away and not be around people for a long while.

It can also make you feel irritable and like you just want to rage if you have to be around people for one more second.

And it doesn’t really help when you are have social anxiety because the times that you do go out of your way to be social it can be hard.

Like you are just playing a part and trying to be out going and be social.

And that can really take a toll on you.

And sometimes it can really put you off being around people.

You want to have friends and be around people but it can get too much sometimes.

And that’s just for people who have anxiety if you have something else that affects these types of things it can be just as bad.

Take autism which when you have too much stimulus, like say being around a bunch of people for to long, it can really way on the person.

And sometimes it can lead to meltdowns.

And all of this can suck, can leave you wanting to just go into hibernation and not see another person for a good long while.

And sometimes you just have to bear with it. And just go on with life. It being something that you just have to live with.

But hopefully it doesn’t give you too much trouble.

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