Fear and what it does to people with Anxiety & Anxiety disorders

Fear is a big factor for my anxiety. It always seems to be a big motivator for it.

One the biggest things my general anxiety gives me is fear of danger.

It could be fear of someone breaking in, or of someone hiding in my room, of someone attacking me.

But these things play a big factor in my life. Fear plays a big factor in my life.

And I can say that this is kind of ironic coming from someone who is a horror movie/haunted house buff. But like I mentioned in my post my post ‘Horror Movies & Therapy’, horror movies can be a good outlet for fear. It gives you a clear bad guy with a clear ending with them most likely defeating their fear.

But even with my love of horror movies and my tendency of knowing all their rules (Don’t run upstairs, Don’t answer an unknown number,etc…) I still feel fear rules my life sometimes.

Even when it’s not about some danger that could happen to me fear is still present.

Like when I want to start a conversation with someone but can’t push myself to talk to them. Fear is present at that time not letting me talk to that person for some unknown reason.

And sure there are ways I use to combat it. Like knowing what to do in a situation, knowing some types of self-defense to get away, and knowing what to use as a weapon.

And yes it helps. But not with everything. And not with the fear over trivial things that fear should not be present in. Like talking to an unknown person.

It takes practice to get over these fears and I know that I am not even close to the stage to be able to get over them. I still have a long way to go to get their. But hopefully I will be able to get their soon.

Because I don’t want fear to rule my life. For trivial or important matters.

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