Fear of Failure & Writing

Fear of failure is common when going about writing a book. And is probably a common fear of anybody who writes, be it for a short story, blog post, or anything else that involves writing as what you do.

And I have found that its one of the bigger things that stop them from writing the novel that they want to write.

Why write when you might fail?

But what if you don’t fail? then you just missed a great opportunity.

I am going through to process of writing a novel to be published. Even when my anxiety is screaming at me to Not Do It.

Sometimes its all that I can think about. That if I publish this novel it will fail and be a horrible experience for me.

And this anxiety is not going away. Even as I continue working on this novel. And if I am honest with myself I don’t think that it will every go away. Not even when it is published.

But even with that anxiety over my head I am still going through with it.

Because I don’t want to let this opportunity pass me. Not when so many other things have been past because I could not get past my anxiety to do them.

And I am scared to do this.

But I want to share my work with the world.

And I don’t let others who tell me that I shouldn’t do this because it’s a waste of time stop me.

So why should I let myself stop me?

So you should not let it stop you ether.

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