Facial Expressions and how it affects Autistic People

One of the most hard things for a person with autism to do is read facial expressions.

Sure we can tell is a person is happy by a smile and upset by a frown. But other things can just be confusing.

I find that I am routinely asking my friends and family ‘What?’ when I catch them looking at me. I do this because I can never tell what they are thinking or feeling as they look at me.

And of course they never tell me, just saying ‘Nothing’. It’s quite frustrating.

But of course they are things that you can do to help you when you are trying to figure out what they are feeling. Like using voice tones, though I can only use this with really close friends and family as I now what their voice sounds like naturally very well.

But without that way to tell I find that most of the time I just end up drawing a blank.

It can be hard, it can be frustrating. But I just find myself trying to muddle through situations as there is nothing else I can do.

There will be no cure of fix all to be able to read facial expressions. Sure I can train myself to be able to know what that expression usually means. But even then I will still be stuck at times.

When I meet a never seen before person it will be hard to know what that expression on them would mean. Or if I come across an expression I never knew before. Or times when I just am not able to figure out what that expression means.

So yes it is and always will be hard. And I will probably always have to work to know what the expression means. It will never just be automatic.

And I can’t say that I don’t get frustrated at myself when I am looking at a person and not knowing what they are feeling. I can’t say that doesn’t make conversations hard.

I sometimes end up raising my anxiety when I don’t know if I said the wrong thing. Or that they might be mad at me. Or they think me stupid.

And just asking outright what they are feeling would never work as I found that the times I did that they would just act bemused. And they would always tell me nothing.

So yes reading expressions is a situation that sucks all around for my autistic self. Hopefully it will get a little easier.

And it is something that I do have someone who is helping me with this problem. Will see how that goes.

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