Chronic Exhaustion and its Links to Depression

One of the symptoms of my depression is extreme tiredness be it tiredness throughout the day or the ability to sleep the day away and not wake up.

But when my depression is at its very worst I can sleep and sleep for days, getting up to drink water and go to the bathroom before going back to sleep. When my depression is mild I am mostly just tired though out the day.

I have been told that it is a common symptom that is found in people with chronic depression.

It can suck, especially when I stop focusing on something that I was doing and suddenly get hit with a fave of extreme exhaustion. It can get so bad that I can hardly keep my eyes open.

Sometimes it just hits me, in the afternoon or close to seven. It just leaves me wanting to just go to bed. Sometimes I just have to give in and go to bed.

It can get better and worse at times. And it doesn’t help my mild case of insomnia, but its something that I have to deal with.

It also doesn’t help my that my anxiety tends to ramp up the tiredness. After a bad case of anxiety the exhaustion can hit me badly. Leaving me not just emotionally drained from the explosion of anxiety but also fiscally drained from the tiredness as a result of said anxiety.

I am getting advice and help on how to deal with it so I am not just left floundering in the dark with it. It might be something that I will always have to deal with, but will see.

Hopefully it will get better and more manageable with time.

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